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Jacobly “J.C.”

Jacobly “J.C.”

Age: 17

Say hello to Jacobly, who loves to be called J.C. for short – a sweet, caring, and vibrant young youth. He’s a bright kid with a passion for reading and loves immersing himself in the lives of characters from various books. J.C. loves school and his favorite subject is undoubtedly Language Arts.

Beyond academics, J.C. has a soft spot for animals and envisions a home filled with furry friends, minus any venomous ones, of course! He’s laid-back and enjoys a good laugh, making him easy to get along with. While he tends to be more introverted, he finds comfort in spending time at home, where he enjoys playing video games and board games. When it comes to food, J.C. favors classics like pizza, hamburgers, and lasagna.

With his genuine nature and diverse interests, J.C. would make a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

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