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Dunlap Portrait


Age: 13

Prepare your shades and sunblock because it’s time to embrace the sunshine with Hannah! She’s a lively, spontaneous girl who knows how to have fun. Like any kid her age, she can be assertive with what she wants, yet caring once she forms a bond with you. She enjoys staying active and engaged in various activities, showing her determination and a playful side.

Whether she’s feeling on top of the world or having a rough day, Hannah benefits from patience, understanding and guidance to keep her balanced and on track. Outdoors is her happy place, where she loves adventures and connecting with nature. Hannah also loves all things Elsa, watching funny animal videos, playing games with others and riding her bike.

Hannah adds excitement and love wherever she goes, making her a great fit for a loving forever family. They’ll be her advocates, resourceful and patient, with a good sense of humor to handle life’s challenges. Most importantly, they’ll give her unconditional love and support, providing the stability she needs to thrive.

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