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Age: 17

Meet Noah, who prefers to be called Zane! He is a creative, smart, and introspective youth who is known for his humor and talkative nature. Zane enjoys spending time with others and has a knack for bringing joy to any room, making it hard to have a bad day around him. Some of his favorite foods are tacos, enchiladas, and spaghetti. In his free time, Zane loves watching videos online and interacting with others while playing video games.

Zane enjoys receiving individualized attention and tends to bond easily with female role models. He loves being helpful and enjoys drawing. Polite and respectful, Zane gets along well with adults and looks forward to finding his forever home.
Zane’s forever family will provide a patient and nurturing environment. He would thrive best in a two-parent household that is warm and accepting.

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