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Age: 14

Bella is a sweet and loving girl with a wide range of interests. She especially loves singing, dancing, and listening to music. Bella is excited about trying out for the POM squad next year in middle school and dreams of learning to play an instrument. Known for her strong personality, Bella can articulate her feelings clearly and always has something to say. With a bubbly, social, and adventurous spirit, she quickly warms up to peers and adults, despite a brief initial shyness. Bella adores all animals, especially dogs, but isn’t a fan of snakes or spiders. Her dream is to become a veterinarian. She enjoys swimming, and crocheting and is a fan of Mexican food, seafood, and sushi. If she had three wishes, Bella would ask for a dog, her own phone, and a forever home.

Bella needs a patient and consistent family who can offer a structured and nurturing environment. Her forever family will support her interests and encourage her to explore them fully.

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