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Age: 15

Meet Chloe! She is an outgoing and very charismatic youth who enjoys school and participating in school-sponsored activities. Chloe likes making bracelets, playing on her computer, and watching online videos. Although she takes time to open up when meeting new people, her outgoing personality shines once she builds trust and feels comfortable. Like many teen girls, Chloe enjoys shopping for clothing, especially name-brand items. She is very social and interacts well with both peers and adults.
Chloe dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and hopes to have her own successful business one day. She loves spending time with young children and enjoys helping them. Chloe also enjoys going to church and participating in holiday activities. Known for her sense of humor, she loves making others laugh.

Chloe would thrive best in a home with two parents, a mother and a father. She has expressed a desire for a mother who will do activities with her, including styling her hair. Chloe’s forever family will be filled with love, support, and structure, and will be playful while offering patient guidance to redirect behaviors. Additionally, Chloe would love to have a family that likes dogs. Chloe hopes for a family that will be patient with her and provide the love and support she needs.

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