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Age: 15

Meet Christian! He is a very fun and lovable young man who enjoys school and interacting with his classmates. Christian loves singing, listening to music, playing basketball, and building with Legos. He is always excited to try new activities and hobbies and enjoys holding conversations with peers who share his interests.

Christian has a passion for shopping, cooking, and reading books about acting. He is very animated when talking to others and dreams of becoming an actor. He looks forward to starting auditions and believes he sings well, hoping to be famous one day. Christian is eager to participate in musical theater at school. He also enjoys playing outside and going to the park, always ready to explore and experience new adventures.

Christian’s forever family will support his journey to success. He would thrive in a two-parent, mother-and-father home, with a strong male role model to guide him into adulthood. Christian needs individual attention and support to achieve his goals and aspirations. His family will provide the necessary support and guidance, be patient with his needs, and consistently help redirect him when he faces difficulties.

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