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Don Spivey


Age: 13

David is a 13-year-old who’s both bright and active, describing himself as “cool, smart, and fun.” He’s a curious learner, who is passionate about science and building things like robot sets. Alongside his academic interests, he’s into creative outlets such as Lego creations and drawing, showcasing his knack for innovation and artistic expression.

In addition to his academic pursuits, David is also active in extracurriculars, playing in the school band and participating in sports like basketball, track, and swimming. He enjoys a good laugh, is often found watching funny movies and videos, and brings a sense of joy and humor to his interactions.

As David transitions to a new home, he would thrive with a family that supports his interests, encourages his growth, and values his unique blend of intelligence, creativity, and humor. They should be patient and understanding, providing him with the stability and love needed for a successful transition and continued development.

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