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Age: 12

Get ready to meet Ivan! He’s a lively and chatty boy who adores his cowboy boots, toy trucks, and cars. Singing and burning off energy are his favorite pastimes, and he loves sharing stories and getting personal attention from adults. Ivan is outgoing and enjoys outdoor activities, new experiences, games, and movies. He’s assertive and appreciates having the freedom to speak up for himself. Knowing what’s next and clear explanations are super helpful for him. In school, Ivan shines with extra attention but thrives in structured environments and responds well to learning. He’s athletic and benefits from organized activities that boost his social skills.

For Ivan’s forever family, a structured yet patient and understanding approach is key. They should be open to building trust and supporting Ivan’s curiosity and need for predictability. He’ll flourish with a father who loves spending quality time, especially outdoors and with cars, and a mother who provides safety, structure, and lots of love and care.

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