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Patrick McGown


Age: 17

James is a kind-hearted and softly spoken youth, known for his kindness and amiability. Described as intelligent and courteous, he carries himself with responsibility and independence. Education holds a special place in James’s heart, as he finds joy in expanding his knowledge and honing his skills at school. With excellent grades, he takes great pride in his achievements.

James fosters friendships quickly with his natural charm that makes him easily approachable. He has an artistic flair that shines through in his love for doodling, painting, and drawing, using art as a means to express himself openly. Additionally, he has a passion for musical theater and the performing arts, relishing the opportunity to embody characters and bring stories to life on stage.

One of James’s unique interests lies in cars. A special dream of his would be one day to run his own automotive shop and work on a project car. James’s array of strengths, including his kindness, intelligence, artistic talent, and passions, would undoubtedly make him a wonderful addition to a loving family.

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