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Age: 15

Jayden is a loving and energetic youth. She loves spending time with those she cares about and enjoys being the center of attention. Jayden is a very intelligent youth who does well in school and has big plans for her future. She loves YouTube, eating out, and spending time with others. She likes all kinds of music. Jayden loves Buc-ee’s, flowers, decorating, fashion, and shopping. Her favorite holiday is Christmas. Jayden is artistic and enjoys making things, including jewelry and art. She also enjoys an afternoon indoors making arts and crafts with others. She has even started to learn to cook and is enjoying learning the ropes in the kitchen. Jayden is a child who can make any family better with her smile and positive energy.

Jayden’s forever family will love spending time together, especially while getting to know Jayden. They will be patient and kind with Jayden and provide her time to adjust and find a good routine. Her family will be consistent with their expectations. They will like spending time doing activities together, such as camping, arts and crafts, and eating out. Jayden would like a mom and a dad and will thrive with individual attention and routine. She will also do well as an only child. It is important to Jayden for her family be supportive of and involved in church. Jayden wants her family to encourage her to be independent as she grows. Her ideal home is in the country with farm animals. Jayden’s family must be committed to her and stick with her through her adjusting to a new home, family and school.

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