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Age: 16

Jayden is an energetic and musical youth who loves to strum the guitar and play the piano. His favorite activity is singing, which helps him learn new words and build connections with others. In his free time, Jayden enjoys reading, drawing, and playing with his toy cars and trucks. He also loves putting together puzzles and helping out in the kitchen, especially when it comes to making snacks.

Jayden thrives at school, particularly enjoying arts and crafts. His favorite shows are from PBS Kids, including “The Magic School Bus” and “Sesame Street,” with Elmo being his absolute favorite character. Jayden is a friendly and outgoing child who loves meeting new people and gets along well with both children and adults. When the weather is nice, he enjoys spending time outdoors and going to the playground.

Jayden’s forever family will be compassionate, committed, and excited to share in his love for music. They will enjoy singing along with him to his favorite songs and respect his limitations while encouraging him to reach his fullest potential. Jayden’s family will spend quality, independent time with him to build trust and understand his unique communication style. They will seek out and utilize resources to help him grow and thrive, offering unconditional love and support. With reassurance and encouragement, Jayden will flourish and develop within his new family. Jayden will be a wonderful addition to a loving forever family.

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