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Age: 13

Jazmyn is an outgoing and talkative girl who loves staying busy and exploring new places. A natural leader with a strong personality, she enjoys cooking, arts and crafts, science experiments, and painting. She dreams of starting her own business and has many creative ideas. Jazmyn loves dressing up, shopping, and experiencing new things. She enjoys music, dancing, planting, and playing outside. Jazmyn is active in her church and loves participating in praise dance. Jazmyn excels academically and aims to be a teacher and business owner one day.

Jazmyn’s forever family will focus on building trust and attachment. They will provide a loving and supportive environment, with clear expectations and extra nurturing. Patience and understanding are essential as she learns to trust. Her family will teach her that safety and love can be found in a family. Jazmyn hopes for a busy and adventurous family.

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