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Age: 16

Say hello to Jeremy! He enjoys anime, playing video games, and using his artistic skills. He also loves playing outside, riding bikes, and playing with Beyblades. While Jeremy does reasonably well in school, he sometimes needs assistance with math and reading. He is typically a happy young man who enjoys staying active and forming healthy connections.

Jeremy is relatively shy and reserved but can interact well one-on-one and hold good conversations with others. He is working on understanding and relating to his peers and is protective of himself. Jeremy looks forward to being part of a loving and caring forever family. He would thrive with a family who helps him build his confidence and allows him to feel safe and cared for.

Jeremy’s forever family will ideally have him as the only child in the home, giving him the opportunity to discover who he is and what his strengths are. His family will help him feel supported and understood. Jeremy has a strong desire to bond with supportive people, and his family will help him discover himself while ensuring he feels safe. They will understand that his tendency to withdraw is due to fear and not a lack of openness to connection.

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