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Age: 14

Prentice is a bright and curious young boy who initially may be quiet but reveals his fun and playful side once he feels comfortable. He loves being creative and inventing new things. Prentice is outgoing and loves to have fun, especially when he’s riding his bike and spending time outdoors. He enjoys sports and dreams of playing on a basketball or football team.

Prentice loves the pizza and games at Main Event, and he has a special fondness for seafood. Laughter is important to him, and he enjoys comedy movies and TV shows with great punch lines. He also loves making people laugh and sharing in the joy with others. Prentice is easily engaged and loves experiencing new adventures.

Prentice’s forever family will provide him with structure, boundaries, and accountability. He will thrive with a family that has experience and can handle behaviors calmly. With the right support and a nurturing environment, Prentice will flourish and bring joy to his new family.

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