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Jennie Ravanesi


Age: 15

Raymond is a handsome teenager, proud of his accomplishments. He enjoys reading and has achieved a major milestone of conquering 7000 books. He is intrigued by the characters and loves to get lost in their stories. As you might imagine, going to the library is his favorite outing. One of his other achievements is learning to swim, and he now LOVES the water. Raymond also finds passion in art and nature and likes to create things with his hands, like making paper airplanes.

Raymond describes himself as a hard worker and wants to help people. He takes pride in his schoolwork and plans to further his education after high school with an interest in welding. He enjoys fishing, board games, and seasonal crawfish boils. Raymond hopes to one day feel loved for who he is and his qualities. He shows a willingness to learn and adapt to new ideas and change. Raymond continuously dreams of being surrounded by people and sharing many moments of laughter, love, patience, and unforgettable memories. He remains hopeful and trusts that he will find a place to call home. He admits that sometimes he has bad days but tries to remain positive. He can be reserved but is polite and friendly when he opens up to others. Raymond will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Raymond has described his ideal family as having a loving mother who is nurturing and patient, a father who will guide him through tough decisions and NEVER give up on him when he makes mistakes. He desires an overall family unit that can provide reassurance that people are not a product of their past and that he can do anything he puts his mind to.

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