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Age: 15

Meet Terrance! He is a joyful youth who loves to laugh, engage, and explore. Always ready to try new things, Terrance isn’t afraid to step out of his comfort zone. With his funny, lovable, and playful personality, he brings joy to everyone around him.

Terrance loves reading, football, kickball, and any outdoor activity. His big and vibrant personality shines through when he’s with others, and he enjoys volunteering his time. Kind and caring, Terrance dreams of becoming a missionary someday. He also cherishes time with friends and enjoys hamburgers and pizza.

He loves riding his bike, swimming, and playing outside. Terrance dreams of playing organized sports, being part of a team, and engaging in activities with kids his age. Recently, he discovered a passion for playing piano and singing. He looks forward to finding a family who will help him pursue these interests and support his dreams.

Terrance’s forever family will need to patiently redirect and focus him on his talents and gifts. An active family who can make him feel like the center of attention in a healthy way is ideal. Commitment, time, consistency, structure, and fun are crucial for Terrance to feel at home. His family should help him cope and refocus when things don’t go as expected, providing special attention to his feelings. With the right support, Terrance can achieve his dreams and enjoy being a kid. He looks forward to joining his forever family!

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