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Age: 16

Meet Trista! She is an active and outgoing teenage girl who thrives on staying active. Trista is a strong advocate for herself and enjoys keeping busy. She has been actively involved in FFA, which she found incredibly rewarding. She is resilient and always eager to try new things. Trista aspires to attend college and pursue a career in the medical field.
In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, spending time with animals, playing video games, and exploring the outdoors through activities like camping and hiking. Trista has an interest in shopping and fashion. She loves socializing, whether chatting with friends on the phone, going to the movies, or hanging out at the park. Trista describes herself as “funny and outgoing.” She is confident and determined, always following through on her commitments. Trista will be a wonderful addition to a loving forever family.

Trista would thrive in a home without younger children and needs an active family who will support her passions. She would benefit from a home that offers unconditional love and structure. She hopes for a family who will allow her to participate in normal activities and freedoms and treat her as their own.

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