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Volunteer photographer guidelines

Your electronic signature from the online application form you submitted will assume agreement to the following Project Expectations & Guidelines Communication:

  1. Notify the Heart Gallery Coordinator immediately if a conflict in scheduling occurs, or you have difficulty connecting with your child’s representative.
  2. Direct any child-specific media questions to Heart Gallery for referral to appropriate DFPS/SSCC staff.
  3. Refer any future requests for photo sessions to the Heart Gallery.

Photography Guidelines:

  1. No unsupervised photographic or meeting sessions with the child (DFPS/SSCC staff, CASA advocate or foster provider must be present at each session). The child representative must remain in the general photo shoot area.
  2. No transporting of your assigned child in your vehicle.
  3. Maintain the highest ethical standards while participating as a Heart Gallery photographer.
  4. Create age-appropriate portrait images with the intent to endear prospective parents to the child(ren). (If not age-appropriate, the images will not be accepted for exhibit). The child representative (DFPS/SSCC staff, CASA advocate or foster provider) will intervene at the shoot if an issue arises.

Photographer agrees to the following guidelines for providing images and to allow their use as indicated:

  1. Use the standards set forth in the Image Requirements document, and provide digital images of the final Heart Gallery portrait image for use in the Heart Gallery traveling print and digital galleries and other Heart Gallery recruitment projects.
  2. In addition to the digital Heart Gallery portrait image, take and provide a different, equal-quality, color digital headshot image for uncredited, unrestricted DFPS/SSCC use on the Texas Adoption and Resource Exchange (TARE) website and any other DPFS desired use.
  3. Allow express use of the Heart Gallery digital portrait image for the following:
    1. The Heart Gallery traveling print and digital exhibits
    2. The Heart Gallery website
    3. Any other Heart direct recruitment projects, including collages, newspaper, magazine, or television stories, etc.
  4. For the privacy of the child, Heart Gallery photo shoot images should not be used on your website or at any other location. Permission for other uses directly benefiting the project will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Provide images to Heart Gallery representatives only.

Heart Gallery agrees to:

  1. Provide you with timely information regarding the project and your assignments.
  2. Provide you with an avenue for conflict resolution (for example: scheduling issues, noncompliance).
  3. Use the images as indicated in item 5 above.
  4. Maintain the artistic integrity of the final Heart Gallery image.
  5. Print your name and business/affiliation with the image when used in the traveling print and digital exhibits, website, and for any other media avenues when possible.
  6. Provide a child representative (DFPS/SSCC staff, CASA advocate or foster provider) as your contact for coordinating the photography session if Heart Gallery staff will not be present.
  7. Assure a third party (DFPS/SSCC staff, CASA advocate or foster provider) will be present at all times while meeting with the child(ren) to be photographed if a Heart Gallery staff will not be present.
  8. Not use photos for purposes other than expressed herein, or without direct permission for additional requests.
  9. Give the child and/or family the print and/or digital images upon adoption consummation or aging out.